Qi Gong Therapy

Alex West Qi Gong – (Chi Kung)

Alex West is a registered advanced level teacher of CHI KUNG
with the Universal Healing Tao Centre, London

Qi gong is a series of movements and postures performed simultaneously with breathing exercises and meditative focus to energise the body. A 1 hour practice powerfully enhances the flow of life force and vitality. It’s a remarkable and powerful system that has a profoundly energising and healing effect on the body.


Vitality and Strength
Energy and Focus
Inner Health
Resilience and Power

Iron Shirt Chi Kung & Nei Kung

Advanced Chi Kung Practices of Mantak Chia.

The Inner Smile Meditation

The Micro Cosmic Orbit

The Six Healing Sounds

Iron Shirt Chi Kung

  • One to one classes available by appointment with Alex
  • £75
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