Yoga Workshops and Events with Alex West

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Workshops, available by invitation and subject to negotiation,  include:

Yoga for Digestive Health and Strength

Yogic practices that detoxify and strengthen the  ‘master-glands’ of the digestive system:
Liver and Gallbladder. Healthy circulation in these organs Improves digestion,
emotional balance, clarity, and decision making function. Suitable for all levels including beginners.

– TAOIST YOGA  self healing techniques to cleanse and energise the liver & gallbladder

– KUNDALINI YOGA SEQUENCES – to detox abdominal organs and digestive system

– MEXICAN SHAMANISTIC MOVEMENT for vigour and power.

– HATHA YOGA sequences that strengthen circulation to the digestive tract


Five Element Yoga Detox

Cleanse and renew the flow of positive vital force through the body mind system
– activating all the systems one by one during the course of this three hour
Yoga intensive to bring your body and mind into balance:

FIRE element  – heart & circulation system  – happiness and communication

EARTH element – Digestive & muscular – calmness and

AIR element  – Lungs and respiratory – courage

WATER element  – Endocrine and nervous system – energy and motivation

WOOD element – Liver and detox – clarity and decision making


The Inner Essence of Yoga – Qi Gong Energy

Learn about:

~Structure, Grounding and Rooting for physical, energetic & emotional stability

~Qi Gong Energiser Breathing to increase the vigour and vitality of your life force

~’The 8 Pieces of Brocade’ Qi Gong to create a smooth and sublime flow of life force(Qi)

For details of forthcoming events and workshops