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London One to One Yoga Classes

One on One Yoga classes really help you progress rapidly. They  are perfectly suited to your level of fitness, and specifically designed to meet your needs and desired outcomes.



Great for beginners? You don’t need too much fitness or flexibility to start. Fairly gentle postures and sequences that stretch and tone the body and calm the mind.



A more athletic approach, requiring higher levels of fitness and endurance, and an excellent way to increase flexibility, especially in the hamstrings and forward bend. Brilliant for improving the posture too. Ideal for improving sports resilience.



excellent for those who need a more dynamic and challenging yoga workout that develops the abdomen and core strength, and strengthens the back and spine.



High tempo yoga workout sequences that burn fat fast and lift and tone the body. Done to music, these sessions are uplifting and feel good, releasing loads of ‘feel good’ endorphins while working and  toning and shaping every single muscle in the body, including quite a few that you probably never knew you had!



Graduated classes that build inner strength and tone while restoring energy. Uses Taoist Qi Gong to enhance inner energy and restore the endocrine system and Kundalini sequences to build muscle tone and shape.

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Alex West

Expert Yoga Instructor

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