Yoga for Excellence in Presentation and Performance

Do you want more confidence and charisma, better poise and posture, more ease and excellence in your presentation and performance?
This yoga workshop could be for you.

Come to develop awareness and improvements in:

~ How you stand
~ How you breathe
~ The set of your shoulders
~ The alignment of the head and neck
~ The position of your upper spine

Your upper body posture, the freedom of movement in the upper spine, the tilt of the chest and back all contribute to the way you generate, project and receive social information.

In this workshop you’ll discover and extent the freedom of movement in all these area and learn simple yoga exercises to maintain the postural improvements that lead to greater confidence, poise, charisma and gravitas.

From a yoga energy perspective,All these factors affect the flow and circulation through the ‘chakras’ (energy centres), especially the ones associated with your physical presence, power, and communication.

Then you have your emotional balance and flow – this is a function of the flow of subtle vitality (Qi, Prana) which, according to Ayurveda And Oriental medicine, is governed by the Liver. We all know the expression ‘Liverish’ – which means irascible, angry, frustrated. Basically, when Liver energy is in disharmony, as well as impacting digestive functions, it creates frustration, anger and then sluggishness and low energy – when Liver energy is free and flowing brings good humour, clear thinking, effecting planning and a smooth emotional flow – the ideal state from which to deliver your best audition, performance or presentation.

This workshop will be an experiential journey through the best Yogic practices that detoxify and strengthen the ‘master-glands’ of the digestive system: Liver and Gallbladder. Healthy circulation in these organs Improves digestion, emotional balance, clarity, and decision making function. These practices include:

~ TAOIST YOGA self healing techniques to cleanse and energise the liver & gallbladder
~ KUNDALINI YOGA SEQUENCES – to detox abdominal organs and digestive system
~ MEXICAN SHAMANISTIC MOVEMENT for vigour and power.
~ HATHA YOGA sequences that strengthen circulation to the digestive tract

Along with the experience of the workshop, everyone can expect to learn a short specific sequence of movements and meditations ideally suited to audition preparation.

*********CHANGE OF DATE************
Workshop is: SAT 21st NOVEMBER,
(NOT 14th as previously stated)


Dear Yogis,

I am So Sorry – I got my dates wrong ! This final Winter Workshop CANNOT be on the 14th because of a church fête!!!! It was my mistake ! I got it wrong!!

The true, real, genuine and definitive date for this amazing journey through the yogic traditions of the world to a happy heart and strong, open free and aligned upper body is

THE 21st NOVEMBER, SATURDAY. 10:30 -14:00

So, you are warmly and cordially invited to join me on SATURDAY 21st November, to open the Heart and free up and align your head neck and shoulders –

we will use the best of the best physical bodymind techniques from all the yogic disciplines to restore alignment and openness in the upper body posture and enrich the physical work with the best self healing and energetic cleansing techniques from shamanism and Taoist Yoga to help heal the energy of the heart to add the inner lightness and buoyancy that helps maintain an open and upright alignment of the upper body.

The workshop runs on SATERDAY 21st November from10:30 to 14:00 cost £30.

Part 1

~ MEXICAN HEALING MOVEMENTS for strength and mobilisation of the upper body
~ TAOIST YOGA & Nei Kung to you open and cleanse the energy of the heart
~ HATHA YOGA flow to open the joints and stretch the muscles

Lunch – small raw snack to refuel!

Part 2

~ KUNDALINI YOGA exercises for the back, neck and shoulders.
~ POSTURE ADJUSTMENT using the wall to improve the set of the shoulders
~ CHANTING to open the heart centre and give buoyancy to the upper body
~ REACPITULATION mediation technique to heal and restore heart energy

WHEN: Saturday 21st November 10:30 til 14:00
WHERE: St. Theodores Church Hall, 110 Station Rd, Hampton, Middx, TW12 2AS
Entrance to free car park is on Station Road, right opposite Hampton Village green, and the Yoga workshop is there, In the hall right next to the church
HOW TO BOOK: Email me !
BRING: A YOGA MAT, Warm cardigan & small raw snack
COST: £30
QUESTIONS??? Call me ! 07914411263

ALEX WEST Senior Yoga Teacher Yoga SYT LicZSS CNT

Senior Yoga and Chi Kung Teacher with the Yoga Alliance UK, and Universal Healing TAO, with over 16 years experience of teaching Yoga and 20 years practicing and teaching Shiatsu, meditation, Chi Kung and other Taoist healing arts including Chi Nei Tsang, an advanced form of therapeutic massage focussing on rejuvenating the vital organs. Since childhood Alex has immersed himself in the study of Healing, movement and energy disciplines. Travelling through India and South America developing his interest in spiritual and martial arts and in 2005 was authorised to teach the Yogic Martial Art from the province of Kerala in India by Swami Rhadda Krishna Cheynanda. Inspired by Hatha, Kundalini, Taoist, and Shadow Yoga as well as the influences of Mexican Shamanistic healing movement, Alex teaches regular weekly classes at clubs, health centres and offices throughout greater London and is soon to release his 1st Yoga DVD, ‘FIT(&FABULOUS!) AT 50, AND BEYOND’

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